Thursday, April 13, 2017

Rejected, Dejected, and Ejected

You suck, kid, and not in a good way!
There’s a file in my email labelled “Rejections”.  Writers, by our nature, love punishment.  We go well beyond gluttony, well beyond fetish.  For us, rejection is the salt we feel we deserve in the wound we ourselves cut, and it is best delivered in heaps by a dump truck.

If not, how in the world would anything ever get published.  A writer would submit a work for review, it would be rejected (with or without notes) and that would be the end.


If every writer gave up after the first rejection, there would be precious little reading material available.  Alas, the bite and sting of rejection is no less deep for having been stung and bitten before.

In short: it sucks cold rocks.

And yet, the fight goes on.

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