Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Letter to My Son

The following was a letter written to my son and his third grade class for some kind of student recognition:

Dear Miss Mendez and Porter’s Third Grade Class:

You’re in the third grade, and that’s amazing!  What’s more amazing is that you’re in Porter’s class.  I wish I’d been in your class.  Porter comes home from school every day excited about what he’s learned, and anxious to tell me about his day.  From the lessons, to what he had for lunch, to what he played at recess—I get the full breakdown of your daily class.  I also hear about all the friends Porter interacts with on a daily basis, and it sounds wonderful.  It is so great that all of you get along well, and I’m thrilled by what you’re learning.

I wish there had been a Porter in my class when I was in third grade.  Porter has always been a responsible child, and he enjoys learning new things.  But most of all, Porter really loves helping and being a friend.  He’s always been a kind child, and has always paid attention to the smaller kids—Porter likes when everyone is included and everyone has fun.  He is especially good, to his two brothers: Tristan and Xavier—even if they do annoy him sometimes.

This makes a lot of sense, because Porter wants to be a game designer.  When he was younger, he invented a game called “Ball-Ball”.  I don’t know the exact rules of Ball Ball (it’s possible only Porter does), but playing it with him was a lot of fun.  Porter will play any game that comes into the house.  While he enjoys single-player video games, he prefers games that allow multiple-players so that everyone can join in with him.

Most of all, I am proud of Porter, and all that he represents for the upcoming generation.  I catch glimpses of his mother and I in Porter, but he is wholly his own person.  Energetic, driven, focused (when he wants to be) with opportunities and experiences that far outstrip my own.  I also catch little visions of what he and his classmates will be like in the future, and it makes me happy to see.

Thank you!

Your Dad—

RobRoy McCandless