Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Arguments, Arguments Everywhere

I have three off case positions, two Ts and a K.
A friend of mine was asking for “solid argument topics” and of course, as a speech and debate coach of some years now, I was prepared:

The Electoral College—bad or so evil that you must say it's eeeee-vil?
Stop and Frisk in Schools—necessary or a good way to meet friends?
Nuclear Power—safe resource or our best chance for mutant powers?
Immunity for Police Officers—why or why?
Civil Disobedience—morally justified in a democracy, or a great way to get that flatscreen you've been eyeing?

Feel free to argue any, all, or your own topic in the comments section.  You will be graded on evidence, analysis, logical conclusion and the number of times you manage to site Breitbart without cracking up.

Also, bonus points for anyone who understood the caption without resorting to Google or Google-like options.

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