Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Constable of Aqualinne - Chapter 6 Excerpt

"Hung like" takes on a whole
new meaning!

I just finished writing this section of Constable of Aqualinne yesterday, and I loved how this ended so much, I wanted to share it with you.  Not a big spoiler at all, and I knew where this was going, but it came up so nicely, I felt like sharing with all you wonderful people.

Please enjoy!

Sterben led the way, deeper into the Old Forest, but still along the track they had been following in the cart.  The leaves above were still green, most dark almost to being black.  Sunlight and blue sky peaked down through the canopy, but in rare moments which grew less and less as they walked.  Aubrey’s cane sank into the earth and carpet of old leaves.  She had to move carefully, around branches, and over roots that had ripped up through the track.  Sterben moved well, but moderated his pace to accommodate her.  Even though the day was cool, and they marched in the relative shade provided by the trees, Aubrey felt her undershirt soak with sweat.  She moved her hand to open the top button of her collar and found she’d already undone it minutes earlier.

“Break?” Aubrey suggested.

Sterben took two more steps before he registered the request.  He turned back and nodded to Aubrey.

“Good a place as any,” he said, and pulled free a canteen of water.  He took a long, deep pull, some of it running down through his moustaches.

Aubrey was surprised to find she was out of breath.  They hadn’t walked that fast or that far, but she felt light-headed.  She tilted her head back, and felt beads of sweat run down her scalp and along the back of her neck.  She pulled out a handkerchief, mopped at her forehead, behind her ears and across her neck, and stopped when she saw the centaur staring at her.

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