Monday, June 23, 2014

Writing Most Fair

Good things are afoot in the kingdom of R.A.

Two of my short stories “Into a Watery Grave” and “Grenadiers and Dragon’s Fire” have been accepted for publication later this year.  The first one is my foray into the horror/fantasy genre, and was a real stretch for me.  Not the fantasy side.  That’s easy.  Horror is not a genre I enjoy reading, so I’ve never attempted to write it.  I was invited by the publisher to submit, but I wasn’t certain if I could pull it off.

Surprise, surprise.

“Into a Watery Grave” will be part of the In Shambles anthology which will feature a Dan Shamble story by Kevin J. Anderson.

Longmire without Longmire
“Grenadiers and Dragon’s Fire”, which includes the same character, provided me with goodly amount of background and world building.  It inspired me to start the wheels turning on a full steampunk novel centered around Aubrey Hartmann, Lieutenant, 4th Division of the Empress’ Imperial Army, retired.  She’ll feature as the same constable as she does in “Into a Watery Grave” and right now the plan is for a series of books around her solving crimes in a pre-industrial village.

It’s like “Longmire”, except without Longmire.

I also figured out the plot for a new Del/angelpunk story to follow up Tears of Heaven and the plot for a fantasy series I’ve been working on.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had more projects moving forward than I could actually handle.

It’s a little overwhelming, but it’s better than the alternative.


  1. Congrats on the publications!

    1. Thank you. The first one, "Into a Watery Grave" had some input by you. So congrats back!