Monday, April 21, 2014

A Shot In The Arm

This was in my email inbox this morning:
No commas for you!
It was quite a shot in the arm.  This means that, to date, I’ve sold 37 copies.

That may not seem like much to you, but going from selling zero copies to 37 is 7400% better.  Don’t worry, I did the math.

This is why I always pay with credit cards
When Wild Child Publishing picked up my book, Tears of Heaven, for publishing, I didn’t have high expectations for it.  The book is entertaining.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you.  But cases like J.K. Rowling, where the first book out of the gate is picked up, goes viral and turns into a social phenomenon earning the author untold billions are known because they are so rare.

There are some excellent books, books that are even better than Harry Potter and the Neverending Cash Cow that you (and I) have never even heard of.

But I did talk about goals with my editor, and I arrived at some reasonable expectations.  These were things that I could work toward and consider myself and my book “successful”.  I kept the list simple:

1 – Achieve 30 positive reviews on
2 – Sell 100 copies in the 12 months after release.

Thirty positive reviews may seem arbitrary, but this is a real milestone.  Amazon (or rather its algorithms) will start to take notice in the title.  They’ll add it to the carousel where it says, “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”.  So when you’re out buying Patrick Rothfuss’ The Wise Man’s Fear, there’s a very slim possibility that you’ll also see Tears of Heaven.
Also great for Cinco de Mayo!

Unless, of course, you’ve already bought it.  Then Amazon’s algorithm is more likely to show the book because, well, it’s exactly the kind of book you would apparently buy.

And you’re clever for doing so.

One-hundred books is a nice, tidy number in itself.  But it also has meaning.  It’s half-way to seeing my book released to print.  If I hit 200 ebook sales, actual trees will be harmed in the making of a small box books with my name on it which you can then put on your shelf right next to the copy of Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy.

Remember, they make wonderful Easter gifts.


  1. Keep at it! Sales will continue to trickle in and bit by bit the readers will come. You're doing everything right and I want to see more from you soon!

    1. Thanks Walter. Honestly, when I looked at the numbers, I felt like Stephen King . . . or at least his younger, lesser known, but far more attractive, brother. :D