Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Five Star Review from Amanda Masters

Special thanks today to Amanda Masters of Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog.  Here’s her review of Tears of Heaven:

This was an amazing book! I don't think I have ever read a more compelling take on the Nephilim before. There was lots of action in this book as well which I really like when it comes to these type of books and I really enjoyed the main character, her snarky and rebelling attitude kept me quite entertained throughout.

The book jumps from the past to the present which can be a little off setting at first but you quickly get the gist what all the jumping around is all about. R.A. McCandless is a strong author who makes stories that his audience can grasp a hold of and identify with even within a world of fiction. This book book is a greatness among the world of Nephilim and Fallen Angel books out there.

Del has lived for centuries carrying out the Thrones plans, hunt the rouges and take them out. In her world it is the only choice afforded the Nephilim, work for the Throne, or be destroyed by it. Her new assignment won't be so simple and has never been done before, three rouges are working together and have kidnapped children. Together with her sometimes partner Marrin, another Nephilim, they must track them down and save the children's lives or forfeit their own.

Centuries ago Nephilim lived in peace, unhindered by the Throne. They got greedy with their blood lust they proved too strong, too ambitious, and too cunning for their own good. They became warlords, conquerors and emperors. They caused war and strife until the Throne stepped in and forced them to submit to Its will, or die. Del loved and lost back then for she had no use for power as the others, she is one of the first Nephilim.

Del will prove to the Throne that can do this task set before her, that she is not weak. For she is one of the first, and she will prevail if it is the last thing she does.

Thank you so much Amanda.

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